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Women Health: Menopause - Reduced Symptoms with Healthy diet

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In conventional medicine, menopause is defined as a condition in which a woman is in the transition stage of permanent cessation of the ovaries functions in egg production because of less production of estrogen and progesterone. In TCM, menopause is defined as a condition of a natural process of slows down the aging by retaining the body’s kidney energy, to avoid the depletion of the women kidney essence that can lead to death. Statistically, only 10% of Asian women experience noticeable menopausal symptoms, compared with 75% of the women in the United States.

                       Reduced Symptoms with Healthy diet 

1. Organic Whole food Soy Products
Soy products contain high amount of phytochemicals, that can enhance the needs of the body reduced estrogen stage due to reduced estrogen produced by the ovaries.

2. Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and plenty of antioxidants, that can provide the better protection due to reduced metabolism during the years of menopause.

3. Eat Calcium-Rich Food Every Day
Calcium is essential to a woman's health in the stage of menopause. the amount of calcium lost due to low levels of estrogen produced by the ovaries. Some doctors advice that menopausal women should get at least 1,000 to 1,500 mg of calcium from food or supplements, taking together with the vitamin D to enhance the absorption.

4. Flaxseed
Flaxseed not only contains high amount of essential fatty acids which are necessary for heart and reproductive health but also is an extraordinary source of the phytoestrogen lignans, containing 75 to 800 times as much as other plant sources, helped to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

5. Beans
Due to high amount of fiber, bean can help to slow the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream, thus reducing the risk of high blood sugar for some menopause with disease of diabetes.Beans are also high sources of vitamin and mineral,such as calcium, folic acid and vitamin B-6. And they also contain some sources of phytoestrogen.

6. Etc.

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