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Hormone Proclactin and lactation

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                      Hormone Proclactin

Proclactin also known as luteotropic hormone released by the anterior pituitary gland with the function of stimulating the development of the ducts in the mammary glands and production of milk after childbirth.

     Hormone Proclactin and lactation 

Proclactin stimulates the mammal gland in secretion of milk after childbirth for child feeding. It is known that the concentration of prolactin increases in response to nipple stimulation by baby feeding, according to the study of "Blood and milkprolactin and the rate of milk synthesis in women" by Cox DB, Owens RA, Hartmann PE.,posted in PubMed, researchers found that The concentration ofprolactin in the milk was related to the degree of fullness of the breast, such that the concentration was highest when the breast was full. We found no relationship between the concentration of prolactin in the plasma and the rate of milk synthesis in either the short or long term. However, the relationship between the concentration of prolactin in milk and the degree of fullness of the breast suggests that the internalization of prolactin, after binding to its receptor, may be restricted when the alveolus is distended with milk.
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