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Magnesium: The effect of magnesium infusion on rest cramps

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Magnesium is the eleventh most abundant element by mass in the human body. The adult body content is 25 g distributed in the skeleton and soft tissues. The chemical is essential in manipulating important biological polyphosphate such as ATP, DNA, and RNA and in functionming enzymes(a).

     Magnesium: The effect of magnesium infusion on rest cramps

Rest cramps (also known as nocturnal leg cramps) are very common in a geriatric population. In a double blind, placebo controlled randomized controlled trial conducted on 46 community-dwelling older adult (69.3 ± 7.7 years) rest crampsufferers to determine whether 5 consecutive days infusion of 20-mmol (5 g) magnesium sulfate would reduce the frequency of leg cramps per week in the 30 days immediately pre and post infusions and whether the response to treatment varied with the extent to which infused magnesium was retained (as measured by 24-hour urinary magnesium excretion), found that intravenous magnesium infusion did not reduce the frequency of leg cramps in a group of older adult rest crampsufferers regardless of the extent to which infused magnesium was retained. Although oral magnesium is widely marketed to older adults for the prophylaxis of leg cramps, our data suggest that magnesium therapy is not indicated for the treatment of rest cramps in a geriatric population(9).

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