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Magnesium Pathophysiology and therapy of magnesium deficiency in pregnancy

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Magnesium is the eleventh most abundant element by mass in the human body. The adult body content is 25 g distributed in the skeleton and soft tissues. The chemical is essential in manipulating important biological polyphosphate such as ATP, DNA, and RNA and in functionming enzymes(a).

     Magnesium  Pathophysiology and therapy of magnesium deficiency in pregnancy

In the study to determine serum magnesium(Mg)-levels in 67 pregnant women in late pregnancy. 42 gravidae complained of nightly muscle cramps; 21 of them received 1.8 g monomagnesiumaspartate twice daily per mouth for 4 weeks, found that serum Mg-levels were lower in pregnant women as compared to a control group of non pregnant women. Gravidae complaining of muscle cramps had significantly lower serum Mg-levels than women without muscle cramps. The administration of Mg was associated with a significant rise in serum Mg-levels as early as 2 weeks after the initiation of therapy.The Our study indicates that nightly muscle cramps during pregnancy might be a sign of a latent magnesium deficiency which can be influenced by oral magnesium(4).

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