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Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs - Rou Cong Rong (Herba Cistanches Deserticolae)

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          Rou Cong Rong (Herba Cistanches Deserticolae)

Rou Cong Rong is also known as Cistanches. The sweet, salty and warm herb has been used in TCM to treat, impotence, constipation, infertility, excessive uterine bleeding, yeast infection, high blood pressure, inflammation of the kidney, etc., as it tonifies the Kidneys, benefits the Yang, moistens the Intestines, Promotes bowel movement, etc. by enhancing the functions of large intestine and kidney channels.

1. Iridoids
2. Cistamin
3. Cistachlorine
4. Cistanosides A, B,C,D,E,F,G,
5. D-mannose,
6. β-Sitostero
7. Succinic acid
8. β-Sitosterol-glucoside
9. Cistanosides H, I,
10. Decaffeoylacteoside
11. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Prevent bone loss
In the study to assess the ability of traditional Chinese medicine Cistanches Herba extract (CHE) to prevent bone loss in the ovariectomized (OVX) rat, Dr.Liang H, and the research team at Dalian Municipal Central Hospital, showed that The rats in the sham-operated group were anesthetized, laparotomized, and sutured without removing their ovaries. After 1 week of recovery from surgery, the OVX rats were randomly divided into three groups and orally treated with H(2)O (OVX group) or CHE (100 or 200 mg kg(-1) daily) for 3 months. The sham-operated group (n = 8) was orally treated with H(2)O. After 3 months, the total body bone mineral density (BMD), bone mineral content (BMC), Bone biomechanical index, blood mineral levels and blood antioxidant enzymes activities were examined in sham-operated, ovariectomized and Cistanches Herba extract treated rats. Results showed that Cistanches Herba extract treatment significantly dose-dependently enhanced bone mineral density (BMD), bone mineral content (BMC), maximum load, displacement at maximum load, stress at maximum load, load at auto break, displacement at auto break, and stress at auto break, and blood antioxidant enzymes activities, decreased blood Ca, Zn and Cu levels compared to the OVX group(1).

2. Kidney-deficiency syndrome
In the study to investigate the metabolic responses to Herba Cistanches intervention in a rat model of the hydrocortisone-induced ‘kidney-deficiency syndrome’, showed that the intervention of Herba Cistanches caused a systemic recovery from the hydrocortisone-induced metabolic perturbation in rats. This study also demonstrates that metabolic profiling is useful in studying therapeutic mechanisms of herbal medicines(2).

3. Kidney nourishing and yang strengthening functions
Oral administration of water extraction of three kinds of herba cistanches can increase the weight of young mice, prolong the duration of swimming and promote anoxia tolerance in mice. These water decoctions can also increase the body weight, the activities of SOD in serum and the lifespan of “Yang insufficient” model mice induced by administration of hydrocortisone acetate(3).

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