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Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs - Qing Xiang Zi (Semen Celosiae Argenteae)

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          Qing Xiang Zi (Semen Celosiae Argenteae)

Qing Xiang Zi is also known as celosia seed. The sweet and cool herb has been use in TCM to stops hemorrhoids bleeding, Menopausal bleeding, treat yeast infections with red or white discharge, etc., as it cools Blood, stops bleeding, clear wind heat, liver fire, etc., by enhancing the function of liver channels.

1. β-sitosterol
2. Cholesterylpalmitatie
3. 3,4-dihydroxylbenzaldehyde
4. p-hydroxylbenzoic acid
5. n-butyl-β-D-frucose glycoside
6. Celosiaol
7. Niacin
8. Potassium nitrate
9. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Anti-inflammatory and antitumor activities
In the investigation of three new triterpenoid saponins, named celosin E (1), celosin F (2) and celosin G (3), together with a known compound cristatain (4), were isolated from the seeds of Celosia argentea L. (Amaranthaceae), to test for their antitumor and anti-inflammatory activities in vitro, according to “Triterpenoid saponins from the seeds of Celosia argentea and their anti-inflammatory and antitumor activities” by Wu Q, Wang Y, Guo M.(1).

2. Anti-diabetic activity
In the investigation of evaluate the effect of an alcoholic extract of Celosia argentea seeds (ACAS) on blood glucose and body weight in alloxan-induced diabetic rats, found that ACAS reduce the increase of blood glucose in alloxan-induced diabetic rats (27.8% at 250 mg/kg and 38.8% at 500 mg/kg body weight). Chronic administration of ACAS significantly (p<0.01) reduced the blood glucose in alloxan-induced diabetic rats for two weeks. Also the extract prevented a decrease in body weight in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. These results suggest that the ACAS possesses anti-diabetic activity in alloxan-induced diabetic rats, according to “Anti-diabetic activity of alcoholic extract of Celosia argentea Linn. seeds in rats” Vetrichelvan T, Jegadeesan M, Devi BA.(2).

3. Etc.

Side effects
1. Do not use in case of kidney or liver deficiency
2. Do not use the herb in newborn, children or if you are pregnant or breast feeding without consulting first with the related field specialist
3. Etc.


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