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Women Health: Menopause in Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective - The Symptoms treatment - Diet

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In conventional medicine, menopause is defined as a condition in which a woman is in the transition stage of permanent cessation of the ovaries functions in egg production because of less production of estrogen and progesterone. In TCM, menopause is defined as a condition of a natural process of slows down the aging by retaining the body’s kidney energy, to avoid the depletion of the women kidney essence that can lead to death. Statistically, only 10% of Asian women experience noticeable menopausal symptoms, compared with 75% of the women in the United States.

                                    The Symptoms treatment

A. Diet
Since the ovaries have in the stage of transition, they are less responded to the production of estrogen and progesterone, intake of foods which contain phytoestrogen and progesterone will be beneficial in releasing the symptoms of menopause without causing side effects. Other than that, due to wear and tear of the internal organs over the years, diet with organic foods to provide extra nutrients to the body and enhance the body organs function is considered absolutely necessary. One must understand that intake of artificial ingredient, alcohol, cold and hot foods are posted more dangerous to the cells and organ as a result of weakened immune system. We are not dying because of aging but diseases. Elder is susceptible to foreigner and bacteria invasion.
1. Whole grain
Whole grain are cereal grains containing cereal germ, endosperm, including Wheat, Oat, Barley, whole wheat, Maize, etc.
2. Fruits
Fruit is a structures of a plant which is containing seeds as the tree grows them for the survival of the species, including squash, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, peas, beans, corn, eggplant, etc.
3. Vegetables
Vegetable is an edible plant contained edible parts, especially leafy or fleshy parts, other than a fruit or seed, including broccoli, cauliflower, globe artichokes , corn, peas, beans, etc.
For more information of healthy foods benefits, please read 100+ Healthy Foods Classification

4. No Artificial ingredients
Artificial ingredients are yin in nature, it is harmful to the depletion of yang energy.
5. Soy
Many women in Asian countries consume 10 times the amount of soy products as their Western counterparts, Tofu and soa products for what ever reson are considered as the wome fravorite foods (and the Asian men hate them). Soy contains high amount of phytoestrogens, plant base estrogen similar to chemical structure to estradiol that has proven to alleviate menopause symptoms.
According to the study of "Effect of high-dose isoflavones on cognition, quality of life, androgens, and lipoprotein in post-menopausal women" by Basaria S, Wisniewski A, Dupree K, Bruno T, Song MY, Yao F, Ojumu A, John M, Dobs, researchers found that women experienced significant reductions in hot flashes and nights sweats, compared to their starting baseline levels, with daily Revival Soy use (just one serving per day). Typical reduction was nearly 40% in just 12 weeks in a study funding in part by Physicians Laboratories. It's that simple and delicious.

6. Moderate exercise
Moderate exercise is important to retain the physical flexibility and avoid qi and stagnation.
7. Less meat
Western medicine has proven that eating more meat can elevate the symptoms of menopause as a result of hormone imbalance.

8. Reduce alcohol drinking
Alcohol drinking may be enhance the function of heart but it can cause reduction of liver function in blood formation. 

9. No smoking
Smoking can reduce the lung function in qi absorption and transportation of qi to other organ, that may cause qi deficiency and blood stasis. 

10. Reduce sexual activity
Since there is certain amount of kidney essence left in the kidney, any sexual activity will cause further reduction that can lead faster aging.
11. Etc.

In TCM, foods are divided to hot, warm, neutral, cool and cold. Women who are in the stage of menopause are advised to eat foods according to their constitution for maximum benefits and avoid hot and cold foods. You Chinese medicine practitioner will provide you with more information about foods that benefit you most.

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