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Women Health: Menopause - The Symptoms

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Menopause is the defined as a condition in which a woman is in the transition stage of permanent cessation of the ovaries functions in egg production because of less production of estrogen and progesterone, signalling the end of the reproductive phrase a woman's life. In menopause, menstruation has become irregular and slowly stop overtime, but in some women, menstrual flow comes to a sudden halt.

                                          The Symptoms 

Most symptoms are caused by imbalance of female hormones as a result of less production of estrogen and progesterone.
1. Hot flashes
2. Insomnia
3. Night sweats
4. Decreased sexual libido
5. Depression and anxiety
6. Mood swing
7. Vaginal dryness
8.Vaginal infections
9. Irregular heartbeats
10. Urinary incontinence and burning sensation
11. Bone loss
12. Etc.

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