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Women Health: Menopause - The Causes and risk factors

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In conventional medicine, menopause is defined as a condition in which a woman is in the transition stage of permanent cessation of the ovaries functions in egg production because of less production of estrogen and progesterone. In TCM, menopause is defined as a condition of a natural process of slows down the aging by retaining the body’s kidney energy, to avoid the depletion of the women kidney essence that can lead to death. Statistically, only 10% of Asian women experience noticeable menopausal symptoms, compared with 75% of the women in the United States.

                                    The Causes and risk factors 

1. Premature ovarian failure
Premature ovarian failure is defined as a condition in which the ovarian is no longer responded to the brain in production of follicle before the age of 40, leading to high levels of FSH in the bloodstream and menopause hormonal symptoms. It is caused by either the accelerated loss of eggs or follicles are become less responsive to hormone stimulation from the pituitary gland. It has been estimated that POF affects 1% of the population.

2. Ovaries
Ovaries in the stage of menopause are less responded to the stimulate of follicle stimulating hormone FSH from pituitary gland to produce estrogen in the early stage of menstrual cycle.

3. Less estrogen and progesterone
The production of both estrogen and progesterone have started to decline significantly until the women reach the stage of post menopause.

4. Aging
Menopause is a natural and biological process begun between the age of 45 -55 in women.

5. Hormone disruption
For a menstrual cycle to starts and ends smoothly, it requrie the cooperation of all involved glands to produce certain hormones in certain stages. It is a chain of stimulation from a step to the others. If one of the gland is damaged or abnormal, it will cause disruption of menstrual cycle that may lead to menopause-like stage.

6. Surgery
Removal of the ovaries due to cancer or for what ever reason may cause early menopause.

7. Etc.

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