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Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs - Lu Lu Tong(Fructus Liquidambaris)

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          Lu Lu Tong(Fructus Liquidambaris)

Lu Lu Tong or Feng Xiang is also known as Sweetgum Fruit. The bitter and neutral herb has been used in TCM to treat stiffness and tightness of arms and legs, irregular menses, hypomenorrhea, lactation obstruction promote urination, get rid of edema, piles, parasites, etc. as it clears Heat, expels Wind; eliminates Water, calms pain,etc., by enhancing the functions of liver and stomach channels.

1. Cinnamic acid
2. L-borneol
3. Resin
4. Benzine
5. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Chemical composition
In the study to investigate the chemical composition in the fruits of Liquidambar formana Hance, Eleven compounds were isolated and identified as beta-sitosterol (1), 3-oxo-11 alpha, 12 alpha-epoxyleanan-28, 13 beta-olide (2), 3-oxo-12 alpha-hydroxy-oleanan-28, 13 beta-olide (3), 3 alpha-acetyloxy-25-hydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid (4), oleanolic acid (5), ursolic acid (6), daucosterol (7), betulonic acid (8), gallic acid (9), nonacosane (10) and n-triacontanoic acid (11).(1).

2. Mammary gland growth and function
In the study to examine the fruits of Lulutong and the seeds of Wangbuliouxing, which are the natural products used widely as the components of herbal medicine in China for the improvement of lactation and the therapy of breast disorders, found that The chronic administration of each agent in drinking water improved several parameters; however, the mode of action differed markedly among agents.(2).

3. Etc.

Side Effects
1. Do not use the herb in Newborn, children, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding without consulting firast with the related field specialist.
2. Etc.


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