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Children Health: Autism - The Importance of Diet - Central nervous system

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Autism is one of the most common forms of brain development disorder and one in 166 child is diagnosed with some forms of autism. Children who are diagnosed with autism tend to have weak immune system and auto immune problems. Autism is defined as medical condition in which a child has some of the following impairments
a) Speech
b) Social and communication skills
c) Limited interest
d) Repetitive behaviour 

     The Importance of Diet - Foods for Central nervous system

Although medication and physical therapies are important for autistic children, without carefully chosen intake of foods with vital nutrients, they will be lessened their effectiveness. In some cases, it may contribute to severity of the symptoms if wrong kinds of food are taken as we mentioned in previous article. It is the responsibility of the parent of autistic children to record daily food intake and carefully observe the reaction of the child during early stage of diagnosis. There are some foods which may increase the autoimmune response, thus weakening the immune system in fighting the forming of cell oxidation and bacteria and virus. Others may decrease the blood circulation to cells, thus interfering with central nervous system in transmitting and regulating information, etc. Here are some important diet for autistic children's parent to consider.

a) Organic Whole Soy foods
Besides containing high amount of calcium and other vital vitamins and minerals as well as phyto chemicals which are vital for immune system in guarding our body against infection and inflammation, its protein also helps to improve the brain function as a neurotransmitters, because most neurotransmitters are made from amino acids including tryptophan and tyrosine of the protein in food we consume, thus decreasing the severity of the autistic symptoms.

b) Spinach and strawberry
Spinach and strawberry contains high amount of antioxidants which helps to decrease the risk of free radical forming in the central nervous system thereby, increasing the brain cells' functions in regulating the hormone production of glands and improving the transportation of information.

c) Amino acid
Dietary protein is required to be broken down into the amino acids for our body to function, including neurotransmitters, hormones, DNA, enzymes. therefore intake of food with good sources of protein will help to decrease the symptoms of nervous irregular function for children with autism.

There are 2 kinds of dietary protein
a) Complete protein containing all eight essential amino acids includes fish and meat, fowl and eggs, cheese and yogurt.
b) Incomplete protein containing some of the 8 essential amino acids includes grains and legumes, beans and right, but you can combine the incomplete protein to make up a complete protein such as rice and beans.
Since a complete protein is necessary for improving the brain cells's function, not all complete protein risk foods are good for autistic children, some of them may causes allergic reaction as well as interfering the digestive enzyme in nutrients absorption, please consult with your doctor or dietitian before applying.

It is advice for parent with autistic child to keep a food diary and note of their child's behaviours and symptoms alongside all the foods intake. This can help to identify the foods that cause immune allergic reaction and replay them them with other foods containing at least the same nutrients. Once again, please consult with your dietitian or nutritional therapist before applying.

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