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Dietary Minerals Calcium: Calcium and Physiology and cell biology of acupuncture

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                                 Dietary Minerals 

Dietary Minerals are the group of minerals which is essential for our body to sustain normal functions and physical health.


Calcium, a trace mineral plays an important role in build and maintain strong bones and teeth, found abundantly in meat, poultry, fish, nut, seeds, bean, etc. As we age, calcium is absorbed less effectively.

      Calcium and Physiology and cell biology of acupuncture

In the article presenting a novel model of acupuncture physiology based on cellularcalcium activation by an acoustic shear wave (ASW) generated by the mechanical movement of the needle with an acupuncture needle was driven by a piezoelectric transducer at 100 Hz or below, showed that the cell level, the ASW activated intracellular Ca(2+) transients and oscillations in fibroblasts and endothelial, ventricular myocytes and neuronal PC-12 cells along with frequency-amplitude tuning and memory capabilities. In contrast with traditional acupuncture models, the signal source is derived from the total acoustic energy. ASW signaling makes use of the anisotropy of elasticity of tissues as its waveguides for transmission and that cell activation is not based on the nervous system(6).

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