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Dietary Minerals Chromium(chromium 3+): Cr supplementation as a growth enhancer

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                                 Dietary Minerals 

Dietary Minerals are the group of minerals which is essential for our body to sustain normal functions and physical health.

                                      Chromium(chromium 3+)

Chromium(chromium 3+) is a essential mineral for the body in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, found abundantly in Beef, Eggs, Chicken, Oysters, Wheat germ, Green peppers, Banana, Apple, Etc.

     Cr supplementation as a growth enhancer

In a growth trial conducted on juvenile mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) for 8 weeks and to compare the efficacy of three chromium (Cr) compounds (Cr chloride, Cr picolinate, and Cr yeast) at a level 0.5 mg/kg as a potential growth enhancer, showed that there is a significantly (P < 0.05) increased DNA damage in fish fed on high level of Cr chloride (2.0 mg/kg) but the other treatments were not significantly different (P > 0.05) from the control groups. The concentration of Cr in the liver, gut, and whole fish tissues increased with increasing dietary Cr supplementation. Overall, Cr supplementation at a level 0.5 mg/kg from different sources may affect growth performance in carp by activation of some key liver enzymes (HK and G6PD)(9).

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