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Dietary Minerals Chromium(chromium 3+): Intravenous chromium treatment of Severe insulin resistance

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                                 Dietary Minerals 

Dietary Minerals are the group of minerals which is essential for our body to sustain normal functions and physical health.

                                      Chromium(chromium 3+)

Chromium(chromium 3+) is a essential mineral for the body in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, found abundantly in Beef, Eggs, Chicken, Oysters, Wheat germ, Green peppers, Banana, Apple, Etc.


 Intravenous chromium treatment of Severe insulin resistance

Insulin resistance has been well documented in critically ill patients. Adequate blood sugar control has been associated with better wound healing, and better outcomes in selected patient populations. According to the study by the Texas A and M University, Corpus Christi, there is a report of a case of extreme insulin resistance in a 62-year-old woman with history of diabetes who suffered a cardiac arrest and respiratory failure, leading to aspiration pneumonia and septic shock requiring greater than 7000 units of insulin over a period of 12 h which was successfully treated with intravenous chromiumreplacement(2). Other study reported in using intravenous chromium to achieve glycemic control in a patient with extreme insulin resistance and acute critical illness. Prospective clinical trials using intravenous chromium may provide the means to optimize intensive insulin therapy for critically ill patients(2a).

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