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Women Health: Peri-Menopause - How to delay peri menopause

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Peri-Menopause is defined as a condition in which women are experience the irregular menstrual cycle due to the hormonal decline gradually, including shorter, longer, heavy, light period and some menopause symptoms. Perimenopause, in fact is a transition stage to menopause, and the length of this transition can be 3-10 years or longer. Once you have no menstrual period in 12 consecutive months, you have officially entered 12 months of menopause already.

                                    How to delay peri menopause 

Since the causes of perimenopause are due to low levels of female sex hormone, including estrogen and progesterone. Intake of foods which contain phytoestrogen and progesterone will be beneficial in releasing the symptoms of menopause without causing side effects. Other than that, due to wear and tear of the internal organs over the years, diet with organic foods to provide extra nutrients to the body and enhance the body organs function is considered absolutely necessary. One must understand that intake of artificial ingredient, alcohol, cold and hot foods are posted more dangerous to the cells and organ as a result of weakened immune system. We are not dying because of aging but diseases. Elder is susceptible to foreigner and bacteria invasion.

1. Healthy diet
By providing your body with maximum nutrients and phytochemicals are the best way to a optimal health and reducing the symptoms of peri menopause.

2. Moderate exercise
Moderate exercise can increase the blood flow to the body that can stimulate the production of energy by increase the function in metabolism and get rid of waste. It also tire you out and therefore improve sleep and mood.

3. Avoid Alcohol
According to the article of Alcohol - Menopause- Alcohol's Effect on Menopause by June Russell's Health Facts, the author wrote "Approximately 30 percent of American women are older than age 50, the average age of menopause, and approximately 50 percent of these women consume at least moderate quantities of alcohol. Therefore any adverse effects of alcohol among this population could have a significant effect on public health. Approximately 25 percent of postmenopausal women take supplemental estrogens to alleviate unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Even moderate alcohol consumption may increase estrogen levels in postmenopausal women receiving HRT, potentially affecting their risk for various adverse health effects." {Alcohol, Hormones and Postmenopausal Women," NIAAA, 1998}.

4. Avoid Smoking
According to a Norwegian research researchers showed that women who smoke are likely to go through menopause much earlier than women who do not smoke.
According to Dr. Jeanne Morrison in answering the question of How does smoking affect health during menopause? posted at sharecare, smoking can trigger symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. Also, smoking increases your chance of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other serious illnesses.

5. Mediation and yoga
Mediation and yoga can help a woman to calm and relax, thus reducing or lessening the occurrence of the symptoms due to stress.

6. Avoid Sugar and artificial sweetener
According to Foods to Avoid or Limit," excerpted from "The Women's Health Companion," Susan Lark, MD, - Feb. 2002, the author indicated that alcohol and sugar can actually intensify almost every type of menopause symptom,... No artificial sweetener is without drawbacks or potential health hazards.

7. Etc.

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