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Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs - Kun Bu or Hai Dai (Thallus Laminariae seu Eckloniae)

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 Kun Bu or Hai Dai (Thallus Laminariae seu Eckloniae)

Kun Bu or Hai Dai is also known as Kelp. The salty and cold herb has been used in TCM as diuretics and to treat thyroid tumor, tumor of the lymph glands, swollen testes, edema, etc., as it eliminates Phlegm, softens what is hard, etc., by enhancing the functions of liver and kidney channels.

1. Algin
2. Mannitol
3. Galactan
4. Laminine
5. Laminarin
6. Glutamic acid
7. Aspartic acid
8. Proline
9. Viatimin B1
10. Vitamin C
11. Sulphur
12. Potassium
13. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Thyroid function
In the study of the effects of ingestion of two different doses of supplemental kelp on the thyroid function of healthy euthyroid subjects, showed that Short-term dietary supplementation with kelp significantly increases both basal and poststimulation TSH. These findings corroborate previous studies on the effects of supplemental iodide given to euthyroid subjects for a similar period. Further studies are needed to determine whether long-term kelp supplementation would cause clinically significant thyroid disease(1).

2. Adjuvant activity
In the evaluation of a botanical polysaccharide preparations (from Astragalus, Echinacea, wolfberry, and kelp) for an immunopotentiators/adjuvants of a veterinary rabies vaccine,
showed that lymphocyte proliferation and some cytokines were significantly elevated, with cellular immune responses skewed towards Th1 and Tc1. All four polysaccharides produced accelerated and enhanced effects on rabies-neutralizing antibody responses in mice and dogs.(2).

3. Etc.

Side Effects
1. Do not use the herb in case of yang deficiency
2. Do not use Kun Bu or Hai Dai in newborn, children, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding without first consult with you doctor and related field specialist.
3. Etc.

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