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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs - Jin Qian Cao Or Gou Lu Cao (Herba lysimachiae)

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Jin Qian Cao Or Gou Lu Cao (Herba lysimachiae)

Jin Qian Cao Or Gou Lu Cao is also known as Lysimachia. The bitter, slightly sweet and cold herb has been used in TCM as diuretic, anti bacteria, anti inflammatory agent and to treat promote secretion of bile, urination, expel stones, treat infection in liver and gall bladder, etc., as it relieves pain on urination, disperses Dampness, treats jaundice, expels toxins, resolves oedema, etc., by enhancing the functions of liver, gallbladder, kidney and bladder channels.

1. Quercetin
2. Isoquercitrin
3. Quercetin-3-0-glucoside
4. Kaempferol
5. Trifolin
6. Kaempferol-3-0-galactosids
7. Tetrahydroxy-4
8. 3′-dimethoxy chalcone
9. Kaempferol- 3-0-lysimachia trioside
10. Kaempferol- 3-0-glucoside
11. Rhamnocitrin-3, 4`-diglucoside
12. Kaempferol-3-0-rutinoside
13. p- hydroxy benzoic acid
14. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Anticholecystitis and cholagogic agents
In the investigation of the extract of Lysimachia christinae Hance wether it possesses cholecystitis and cholagogic effects through traditional pathways, found that LCHE not only produced excellent anticholecystitis effects but also improved lesion severity in gallbladders induced by LCA. Similarly, LCHE administered to animals in the high-dose group exhibited an antibacterial effect in acute cholecystitis, and treatment with a mid-range or a high dose of LCHE resulted in an antipyretic effect, however, three doses of LCHE treatment groups had no effect on pathological change induced by Escherichia coli in gallbladder, according to “Evaluation of Lysimachia christinae Hance extracts as anticholecystitis and cholagogic agents in animals” by Yang X, Wang BC, Zhang X, Liu WQ, Qian JZ, Li W, Deng J, Singh GK, Su H.(1).

2. Hyperuricemia(level of uric acid in the blood that is abnormally high
In the evaluation to determine the hypouricemic effect of aqueous extract of Lysimachia christinae on hyperuricemia in mice, indicated that The aqueous extract of Lysimachia christinae, when administered orally to the oxonate-induced hyperuricemic mice at the doses of 5.2, 10.4 and 20.8, was able to elicit dose-dependent hypouricemic effects. At these doses of the extract, the serum urate levels of the oxonate-pretreated mice showed no difference from the normal mice. In normal mice, according to “Effects of aqueous extract in herba of Lysimachia christinae on hyperuricemia in mice].[Article in Chinese] “by Wang HD, Ge F, Guo YS, Kong LD.(2).

3. Anti inflammatory activities
In the study of the Anti-inflammatory effects of two species of Lysimachia christinae Hance and Desmodium styracifolium (Osbeck) Merr, conducted byChina Pharmaceutical University,Nanjing, indicated that Lysimachia christinae and Desmodium styracifolium are both reported to have significant anti-inflammatory actions. According to our experiment, with the same dosage these actions appear almost the same or L.christinae slightly better. (3).

4. Etc.

Side Effects
1. Prolonged period of use can increase the risk of potassium depletion
2. Do not use the herb incase of diarrhea as a result of yin deficiency
3. Do not use the Huang Bai in newborn, children or if you are pregnant or breast feeding with out approval first with the related field specialist
4. Etc.

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