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9 Women Health: Menstrual Disorders - Irregular Period - The Symptoms and Signs

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                   Irregular Period

All women are experience irregular period sometimes during their child bearing years, before menopause. While Western medication has never viewed that irregular menstruation is a problem of women reproductive system, traditional Chinese medicine looks at this problem seriously, if untreated, it will disharmonize the women ecosystem, leading to nervous tension and other health problems, including infertility.

Girls in South East Asia have learnt in their early women life from grand mother wisdom, that they do not engage in any activity, distorting their regular period.. Irregular period should be treated immediately, otherwise, it may cause wide range of women diseases, such as infertility, according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Irregular menstruation or period is defined as condition in which a woman is experience abnormal variation of length of the menstrual cycle. While the normal menstrual cycle is 28-35 days, women who are experience with irregular menstrual cycle can have a length variation between 8 and 20 days or shorter than 21 days, or longer than 36 days.

               The Signs and Symptoms 

1. Menstrual bleeding
Menstrual bleeding for women with irregular menstruation is last more than 7 days.

2. Length of period
A length variation of one period to the next is between 8 and 20 days or shorter than 21 days, or longer than 36 days.

3. Heavy bleeding
Heavy bleeding that soaks menstrual pad or tampon every two to three hours is a sgin of irregular menstruation.

4. Amenorrhea
If a woman is experience with absence of period for more 90 days may be a sign of irregular menstruation.

5. Heavy bleeding with Blood clot
In answering the question of irregular period, thick blood, light flow, and clotting, Dr. Dr Rajesh Ramuka indicated that Hello, you need not to worry about your period because passing clot during menses is totally normal as during menses your body release anticoagulant to keep blood thin and prevent it from clotting,but during heavy period blood is released rapidly but anticoagulant do not get enough time to do his work so clot is formed.If you are getting clots of very large size on regular basis then consult your gynecologist.

6. Infertility
Women who are experience irregular menstruation are st higher risk of infertility. According to the article of "Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant" posted at WebMD, Reviewed by Mikio A. Nihira, MD. the author stated that irregular or abnormal ovulation and menstruation accounts for 30% to 40% of all cases of infertility.

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