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Women Health: Overcome Infertility - Treatment of Blood Stagnation of Ovulation Phase of Menstrual Cycle

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Infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to full term. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world, because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist. In fact, More than 40% of infertility of a couple is caused by male inability to fertilize.

                        The ovulation phase (about 4 days)

As the yin (estrogen) at its peak, liver triggers the start the ovulation phrase by extruding the mature follicle into the fallopian tube. In this phrase, uterus continues producing sperm friendly mucus as qi and blood move downward to warm the uterus and promote the implantation of the egg.

                    Blood Stagnation of Ovulation Phase

Many women are experience menstrual cramps and pain either on the left or the right of the abdomen, it is due to liver qi or blood stagnation disturbing the development of follicles in the ovaries. The cramps and pain can be reduced or avoid by adjusting the daily diet, life style or with the help of Chinese herbs. 
Blood stagnation is defined as a condition of blood can not move freely due to liver qi deficiency, kidney essence depletion spleen's inability in qi distribution and liver's inability in blood formation, etc. Women who feel cramps and pain in the ovulation phrase in the left or right side of the abdomen can be caused by blood stagnation.

I. Symptoms
1. Dark, clotted vagina discharge
2. Painful menstruation
3. Irregular menstruation
4. Abdominal cramps and pain
5. Stabbing and sharp pain
6. Purple tongue
7. Wiry pulse
8. Etc.

II. Causes
1. Raw and cold food
Raw food and cold food are considered as cool and cod in nature, as they enter the stomach, they need to be heated up before can be digested. Sometime because of enormous energy needed, it distorts the function of stomach in food essence distribution, leading to qi deficiency that can not move blood in the vessels freely, resulting in blood stagnation.

2. Anemia
Anemia is defined as condition of blood and qi deficiency as can be treated by tonic qi and blood herbs. If there are blood and qi deficiency, blood can not move smoothly because of weakened qi, resulting in increasing the risk of blood stagnation.

3. Sluggish Liver
Liver is the organ responsible for blood formation and blood distribution. If the liver qi is weakened, it not only reduce its function in blood formation, but also interferes the movement of blood.

4. Kidney deficiency
Kidney essence is important in assisting liver in blood formation, by distributing fluids to build blood. If kidney essence or kidney qi is deficient, it may slow down the smooth movement of qi in the blood channels, leading to blood stagnation.

5. Lung qi deficiency
Our body qi is regulated by lung function in qi distribution. If the lung is damaged or can not received enough qi from the spleen, it can distort its function to move blood in the lung and heart channel.

6. Etc

III. Treatments
1. Chinese herbs
a) Yu jin (Turmeric root)
Yu jin promotes the function of heart lung and liver channels by invigorating blood and increasing the movement of qi of above organs.

b) Ru xiang (Bible frankincense)
The warm herb also enhances the function of heart, lung and liver by invigorating blood, dispelling blood stasis and relieving cramps and pain.

c) Mo yao (Abyssinian myrrh)
It has been used to enhance the function of heart, liver and spleen channels by relaxing sinews, promoting movement of qi and invigorating blood.

d) Yan hu suo (Turkey corn)
It helps to improve function of heart, liver, lung by promoting movement of qi through their channels and alleviating cramps and pain.

f) Jiang huang (Curcuma)
The herbs invigorates blood, unblocks blood stasis, reduces chest and abdominal pain, and treats amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and swelling pain.

g) Etc.

2. Acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
a) ST36 ( Zu san li)
b) SP6 (San yin jiao)
c) SP10 (Xue hai)
d) UB40 (Wei zhong)
e) UB17 Ge shu)
f) Etc.

3. Diet
a) Brown sugar
b) Chestnut
c) Eggplant
d) Peach
e) Crab
f) Papaya
g) Etc.

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