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Most Common Disease of 50plus: High Blood Cholesterol - The Effects of Herbal Medicine on Cholesterol Level

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Cholesterol level is controllable through intake of healthy foods because healthy foods contain high levels of HDL that help to remove LDL from blood to the liver where it is eliminated. In this article, we will provide the information of how nutritional supplements help in lowering cholesterol.
Nutritional supplements place an important role in lowering cholesterol levels for cost effectiveness and little side effects compared to prescription medications.

If you have too much low density lipoprotein LDL known as bad cholesterol, overtime cholesterol can build up in your arterial walls causing blockage and leading to heart attack and stroke. Beside prescription drugs and others, herbs place an important role in helping to lower cholesterol levels.
Today because of high cost and side effects of prescription drugs, many people try to seek help from herbalists for cost effectiveness and results.
Here are some herbs that have proven record in lowering cholesterol levels
1. Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds contain alkaloid, protein high in lysine and L-trytophan that can help to inhibit cholesterol absorption. Study shows that fenugreek seeds help lower LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides but not lower HDL cholesterol levels.

As we mentioned in "nature of superfood--the best 2 superfoods", we know that garlic contains hugh amounts of oganosulfure. This helps in lowering LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides while raising HDL cholesterol levels.

3.Hawk thorn berry
Hawk thorn berry contains bioflavonoia that help in increasing the blood to the blood muscles, therefore it helps to prevent and reduce blood vessel degeneration. Daily consumptions of hawk thorn berry can enhance circulation and treat valvula insufficiency, irregular pulse and abnormal acid levels in the blood. Study shows that hawk thorn berry bioflavonoia also helps in
lowering LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides while raising HDL cholesterol levels.

Alfalfa contains fiber and chemicals that help to keep the LDL cholesterol away from being deposited in the blood vessels resulting in more harmful cholesterol leaving the body while not affecting HDL cholesterol.

5. Bilberry extract
Bilberry extract contains anthocyanosides that help to strengthen the blood vessels that supply the retina and help to prevent the bleeding of these blood vessels. Bilberry’s anthocyanosides also function in exerting antioxidant effects that inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

6. Ginger
Ginger helps to lower cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure and prevent blood clots in the arterial walls when taken with vitamin E. It also helps to stimulate and revitalize the heart muscle and strengthen the peripheral's circulation.

7.Capsicum Extract
Capsicum extract contains chemicals stimulating properties and create increased blood flow. Study shows that capsicum extract help to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

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