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Most Common Diseases of 50plus: Diabetes(The Articles) --- Understanding Prediabetes

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If you are diabetic, the chance that you are overweight and this increase the
chance of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. So, to control the
glucose in your blood stream, you might want to try high protein diet
together with fighting cholesterol and high blood pressure natural remedies.

Diabetes is defined as a condition caused by insufficient insulin entering the bloodstream to regulate the glucose. It is either caused by cells in pancreas dying off or receptor sites clogged up by fat and cholesterol. In some cases, diabetes is also caused by allergic reactions of cells in the immune system.

Traditionally, diabetes is viewed as a failure of the pancreas to release
enough insulin for sugar metabolism. People with diabetes has grown
increasingly worse over last 10 years. The escalation in diabetes corresponds
to rise in heart disease, because of over weight, poor diet and lack of
When told by their doctor that they have prediabetes, the reaction of people is dismayed, confused and denial. In fact, prediabetes is a common disease affecting over million people alone in North America. Prediabetes is a controllable disease, therefore, understanding prediabetes becomes a very important issue for prediabetics. In oder to win this battle, seeking helpful information and managing prediabetes with a professional specialist are important for prediabetics to know what they should do and what they shouldn't do.
Understanding prediabetes will take the stress away from prediabetics and managing prediabetes better.

What is prediabetes?
Our body needs protein to build and maintain tissues, good fats to function and thrive, and carbohydrates for energy. Food with carbohydrates such as bread, rice, and wheat enter our body's digestive system will quickly be converted to glucose. In a healthy person, when glucose in the blood stream rises the cells in the pancreas releases insulin and glucose are absorbed by the cells at the intestine wall then convert to energy or stored as fat in our body. In prediabetics, either the pancreas can't produce enough insulin on demand or the cells do not actively respond to the insulin in the bloodstream.
Depending on the level of glucose in the blood stream, if the fasting blood glucose test shows
1. Glucose level > 126 mg/dl : Diabetics
2. Glucose level between 111mg/dl-125 mg/dl : Pre-diabetes
Prediabetes is caused by unhealthy diets with high in saturated fat, smoking and excessive alcohol drinking. Therefore, understanding prediabetes is a very important issue for prediabetics, because with proper diets, quit smoking, controlled alcohol intake and exercises, prediabetes can be reverted or delayed.
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