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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Herbal An Nan Zi (Pang Da Hai)(Semen Sterculiae Scaphigerae)

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An Nan Zi or Pang Da Hai is also known as Pang Da Hai or Boat sterculia seed, native to South East, belong to family Malvaceae. The sweet and cold herb has been used in TCM to relieve pain, smooth the muscle and blood vessels constriction, treat inflammation of mucous and promote intestine movement, as it clears lung qi and intestines and stimulates lung dispersing function by enhancing the functions of lung and large intestine channels.


1. Bassorin
2. Sterculin
3. Arabinose
4. Galactose
5. Galacturonic acid
6. Galactose acetic acid
7. Etc.

Health bebefits
1. Bassorin
A substance that is a constituent of some gums (as tragacanth) and is insoluble in water and one of ingredient of tragacanth. Beside used in The herb is used in denture adhesives and toothpastes and as a bulk-forming laxative, it also reduces intestinal transit time and increase fecal fat levels. Some researchers claimed that tragacanth enhances the immune functions by increasing white blood cells count and fighting against some experimental tumors, when used in large dose (10g).

2. Constipation
Sterculin is best known for its laxative property in relieving constipation by increasing the volume of the gut contents.

3. Arabinose
Arabinose is a monosaccharides, the the simplest form of sugar, including glucose (dextrose), fructose (levulose), galactose, xylose and ribose. it can be benefit in increasing energy, and improving skin tone but but when too much of these simple sugars are consumed at once, it causea tired, shaky, or run-down due to fluctuation of blood sugar. If you have diabetes or high blood sugar, please make sure you consult with you doctor before taking.

4. Galacturonic acid
Galacturonic acid is a sugar, an oxidized form of D-galactose, a the main component of pectin, It helps to reduces the serum Cholesterol levels by binding and secreting them and reduces toxins accumulation in the body and prevents the forming of dallstones.

5. Chronic laryngitis
In a study of Patients with chronic pharyngitis were randomly divided into two groups: observation group (112 cases) and control group (70 cases). The observation group were treated with pang da hai tea. The control group were treated with amoxicillin, researchers found that pang da hai treatment of chronic laryngitis is effective, posted in Complementary and Alternative Healing University(1)

6. Weight loss
An extract from Pangdahai has been found to inhibit animal fatty acid synthase in both reversible and irreversible manners and reduced the adipose and food intake, according to the study of “The novel inhibitory effect of Pangdahai on fatty acid synthase” by Zhao WH, Zhao CY, Gao LF, Feng FF, Gao W, Chen ZL, Zhang F, Cao LG, Bi XY, Chen Y, Zhu QY, Zhang YX., posted in PubMed(2)

7. Etc

Side effect
1. Do not use if you have abundance of thin clear phlegm, asthma with cough.
2. Long term usage can cause loose stool, lack of appetite, emaciation.
3. Since it contains Arabinose and Galactose, if you have diabetes or high blood sugar, please make sure you consult with you doctor before taking.

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