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The Best Smoothie of Brazil Nut, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Milk and Broccoli for Treatment of Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD)

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The smoothie for prevention and treatment of  Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD)
Yield: 2 servings (about 8 ounces each)
1/4  cup Brazil nut
1/4 cup broccoli
1/2 cup tomato
1/2  cup cooked sweet potato
1 cup milk

1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree about 1 minute
2. Blend on high speed about 1 minute or until the mixture is thick and the ice is well crushed.
3. Serve immediately

The finding of a natural source for treatment of Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency has been running into many obstacles, many ingredients showed initially with promising result in animal studies have not produced same potentials in large sample size and mutli centers human trials.

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is a genetic mutation causes of lung and liver disease. According to the joint study lead by the University of Valencia, patients with Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD) are found to associate in increased oxidative stress, together with reduced antioxidant defense as  the pathophysiology of AATD at early stages(1) and suggested that antioxidant therapies may be used in the treatment of the disease(1).

Recent studies back by well known institutions proposed, Selenium, Vitamin A, E, D and K found abundantly in Brazil Nut, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Milk and Broccoli respectively may be the next generation of natural ingredients for treatment of Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD).

Selenium, a powerful antioxidant found abundantly in Brazil nut may be effective in reduced complications and treatment of Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD)(2).
Dr. Kelly E and coleagues at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Selenium, incorporated as selenocysteine at the active site of a wide range of selenoproteins(3), through inhibited grp78, a central regulator of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) promoter and pro inflammatory NFkappaB activity(4).

According to the joint study lead by the University of Michigan, fat-soluble vitamin (FSV) deficiency is associated to cholestatic liver diseases, such as α-1-antitrypsin deficiency(5).
The National Taiwan University College of Medicine and Hospital study found that patients with cholestasis are found to have FSV A, D, E, and K deficiencies under conventional supplementation was 73.9%, 81.8%, 91.3%, and 20.0%, respectively(6), and oral administration of OAFSV supplementation is safe and potentially effective in pediatric patients with cholestasis(6), including α-1-antitrypsin deficiency.

Taking altogether, the combination of Brazil Nut, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Milk and Broccoli may process the activities in reduced risk and treatment of patient with  Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD).
People with Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD) due to family history, genetic mutation, .... should drink 1 serving daily and people with  Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency(AATD) induced lung and live disease should drink as much as they can, depending to digestive toleration.
Life style and diet pattern changed are recommended

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