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Women Health: Irregular Period - The Types In Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

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                   Irregular Period

All women are experience irregular period sometimes during their child bearing years, before menopause. While Western medication has never viewed that irregular menstruation is a problem of women reproductive system, traditional Chinese medicine looks at this problem seriously, if untreated, it will disharmonize the women ecosystem, leading to nervous tension and other health problems, including infertility.

Girls in South East Asia have learnt in their early women life from grand mother wisdom, that they do not engage in any activity, distorting their regular period.. Irregular period should be treated immediately, otherwise, it may cause wide range of women diseases, such as infertility, according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

                            Types of irregular Period

1. Long Term Irregularity
Women with prolong period of irregular menstrual month after month, such as delay of menstruation, prolong period bleeding, very painful period, etc. should consider to see their doctor immediately. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is a serious condition, because the entire ecosystem may be distorted, including function of spleen, kidney and liver. If it is left untreated, it not only causes hormone imbalance and other reproductive disorder such as damaging liver, abnormal thyroid function, kidney dysfunction, etc, but also increases the risk of infertility.
Normally, women with long term irregular period may need to harmonize their imbalance for period of at least 3 months by herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, exercise, etc, depending to types of deficiency (spleen, kidney, liver, energy flow, qi and blood deficiency or stagnation,etc.)

2. Sudden or short term irregularity
Short term irregular period may be caused by sudden change in diet or activity that diminishes the spleen function in food digestion and energy transportation caused intake of high spicy food or too much cold drinks, or exhibits the blood or qi stagnation caused by over drinking or toxins accumulated in the liver, reducing the liver function in blood formation, leading to little for menstruation, or decreasing the kidney function in moistening and nourishing the reproductive organ caused the activity or occupation, leading to irregular period. Normally, women with
this type of condition is easier to treat, if you pay attention to your diet and adjust them oppositely to your body internal constitution, you will be fine.

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