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Women Health: Menstrual Disorder - Dysmenorrhea - Symptoms of Kidney Yang Deficiency In TCM Perspective

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All women are experience menstruation disorders sometime during their child bearing years before menopause. While Western medication has never viewed that irregular menstruation is a problem of a women's reproductive system, traditional Chinese medicine looks at this problem seriously. If untreated, it will dis-harmonize the women's ecosystem, leading to nervous tension and other health problems, including infertility.
Kidney is vital for nourishing and moistening the body and supporting the function of the uterus in the natural process of conception. Deficiency of kidney yang interferes with the normal process of the menstrual cycle and fertility.


Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) is defined as a condition of severe uterine pain during menstruation. Some women may experience periodic pains during or prior to, or after menstrual periods in the lower abdomen as resulting of over production of certain hormones in the prostaglandins family. In traditional Chinese medicine, dysmenorrhea is defined as a pain in the lower abdomen, appearing with menstrual cycle that can spread over to the whole abdomen and lumbosacral region, depending to diagnosis.

                           The Symptoms

Symptoms of imbalance of kidney yang deficiency include:
1. Cold and pain in the lower abdomen during or after menstruation
Since kidney yang is important to warm and support the uterus for a healthy conception, deficiency of kidney yang causes cold to accumulate in the womb which interferes with the normal function of the kidney in regulating the temperature of the uterus, leading to muscle contraction, resulting in lower abdominal cramps and pain.

2. Small volume of dark menstrual discharge
Spleen is important to assist the heart in transporting blood to the reproductive organs and to support the kidney in nourishing and moistening the body's blood vessels. Deficiency of yang reduces blood and fluid in the reproductive organs, leading to a small volume of dark menstruation.

3. Weak and aching lower back and legs
Yang is necessary to support the daily activity in the body. Deficiency of yang causes constriction of the lower back and leg muscles.

4. Deep and weak pulse
Deficiency of yang causes slow movement of blood, leading to deep and weak pulse.

5. Pale tongue
Yang is required for blood circulation, deficiency of yang causes an abnormal function of the liver in blood storing and formation, leading to blood and qi stagnation, resulting in pale complexion.

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