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Most Common Diseases of Men of 50Plus - Testosterone Deficiency - The Chinese Herbal medicine

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Testosterone is a male hormone. Besides promoting libido it has other important functions such as maintaining muscle mass and forming bone, and regulating heart muscle and cholesterol. It also helps to improve the oxygen levels throughout the body as well as controlling blood glucose and strengthening the immune system. In this article, we will discuss how to prevent and treat low levels of testosterone with Chinese herbs.

1.Gou Zhen (Chinese pine pollen)
Gou zhen contains high amounts of amino acids, vitamins, trace-elements, enzymes, flavonoids, nucleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids that help tostimulate the activity of liver cells and regulate bile secretion and endocrineresulting in increased production of free testosterone that in turn promots men's libido.

2. Cordyceps
Cordyceps is one of the primary herbal substances used in tonic herbalism as an anti-aging agent and for the purposes of rejuvenation. It also helps to nourish andstrengthen the kidneys and lungs and tonifies qi, relieves depression of liver qi as resulting of eliminating the surplus of estrogen and sex hormone binding globuline.

3. GinsengGinseng in Chinese medicine is used as a pituitary strengthening herb.It also contains herbs that benefit the endocrine system which results in tonifiying the entire endocrine system and helping the release of human growth hormone (HGH).

4. Reishi Reishi is a supreme protector that helps to strengthen the immune system, anti-forgoing stress, improves blood, and qi circulation and memory. Reshi also helps to protect the liver from toxins and protect the lungs from pollutants as aresulting of eliminating the surplus of estrogen and sex hormone binding globulinand helping the release of human growth hormone (HGH).

5. Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus terrestris is a sexual enhancer and testosterone stimulator that benefits the sexual functions of men resulting in increased sexual potency in men. Studies show that intake of tritbulus terrestris will help to increase the amounts of free testosterone in the body systems.

6. Horny Goat WeedHorny goat weed contains a variety of flavonoids such asicariin that helps to relax the blood vessels leading to the penis, which allows them to expand resulting in stronger and harder erection. It also helps to treat low levels of testosterone and increased sexual desire at the same time.

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