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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs – Ban Bian Lian (Herba Lobeliae chinensis cum Radice)

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Ban Bian Lian (Herba Lobeliae chinensis cum Radice)

Ban Bian Lian is also known as Chinese Lobelia Herb. The acrid band and cool herb has been used in TCM to treat cirrhosis with edema, nephritis with edema, late stage schistosomiasi with edema, tonsilitis, appendicitis, asthma, dyspnea, and for poisonous snake bite, et. as it clears Heat, expels toxins, promote urinary secretion, resolves oedema, etc. by promoting the function of liver, stomach, kidney, small intestine channels.

1. lobeline
3. Isolobelanine
4. lobelanidine
5. saponins
6. amino acid
7. Etc.

Health Benefits 
1. Arteriosclerosis
Alkaloid lobelin, an active chemical compound of Ban Bian Lian (Lobelia chinensis Lour) has inhibited the proliferation of human umbilical VSMCs induced by ET-1 in a dose-dependent manner and the anti-proliferative effect was involved in the reduce of increased [Ca2+]i, according to the study of “A novel effect of lobeline on vascular smooth muscle cell: inhibition of proliferation induced by endothelin-1″ by Wang JJ, Liu SM, Chen R, Li L, Guo XS, Xue B, Hu WC.(1).

2. Anti-virus and anti-inflammatory activity
Scoparone extracted from Lobelia chinensis has exerted the anti-virus and anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting superoxide anion generation with IC(50) of 6.14 ± 1.97 μM, according to the study of “Chemical constituents from Lobelia chinensis and their anti-virus and anti-inflammatory bioactivities” by Kuo PC, Hwang TL, Lin YT, Kuo YC, Leu YL.(2).

3. Herpes simplex virus
Methanolic extracts from Lobelia chinensis has demonstrated the effect of inhibiting herpes simplex virus by significantly reducing the HSV-1 titers and DNA levels in ground skin samples, according to the study of “Efficacy of orally administered Lobelia chinensis extracts on herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in BALB/c mice” by Kuo YC, Lee YC, Leu YL, Tsai WJ, Chang SC.(3).

4. Anti-tumors
Hot water extract (HWE) of Lobelia chinensis(BCG) has indicated the participation of host-mediated antitumor activity in neoplasms, according to the study of “Evidence for host-mediated antitumor activity in the treatment of experimental tumor with a hot water extract from BCG” by H Sato, H Arai, H Nagai, M Ito, K Satoh, N Kumano, M Motomiya, K Konno(4).

5. Etc.

Side Effects
1. Bai bian lian may effect the nervous system due to alkaloid lobeline
2. Do not use the herb in children or if you are pregnant or breast deeding with no approval from the related field specialist
3. it may also cause diarrhea, oral ulcers due to lobeline
4. Etc.

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