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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs – Ban Zhi Lian (Herba Scutellriae Barbatae)

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Ban Zhi Lian (Herba Scutellriae Barbatae)

Ban Zhi Lian is also known as barbat skullcap. The bitter and copol herb has been used in TCM to tumor, appendicitis, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis , lung abscess. and externally in treating mastitis, snake bites, external injuries as it clears Heat, expels toxins, eliminates stagnation, stops bleeding, calms pain, etc. by promoting the functions of lung, liver, spleen, stomach, large intestine channels.

1. Scutellarein
2. Scutellarin
3. Carthamidin
4. Isocarthamidin
5. Alkaloid
6. C30H36O7N2
7. β-sitosterol
8. Stearic acid
9. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Cytotoxic activities: 17 flavonoids, isolated from two flavonoid-rich Scutellaria species has exerted the inhibition of the proliferation of HL-60 and the proliferation of some cancer cell lines, according to the study of “Cytotoxic activities of flavonoids from two Scutellaria plants in Chinese medicine” by Sonoda M, Nishiyama T, Matsukawa Y, Moriyasu M.(1).

2. Metastatic breast cancer: Aqueous extract from the herb Scutellaria barbata (Ban Zhi Lian), maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of BZL101 (FDA IND# 59,521) has demonstrated the anti tumors activity in three patients with objective tumor regression (>0% and <30%), according to the study of “A phase 1B dose escalation trial of Scutellaria barbata (BZL101) for patients with metastatic breast cancer” by Perez AT, Arun B, Tripathy D, Tagliaferri MA, Shaw HS, Kimmick GG, Cohen I, Shtivelman E, Caygill KA, Grady D, Schactman M, Shapiro CL.(2).

3. Oxidative stress: Bezielle (BZL101) is an orally administered aqueous extract of Scutellaria barbata has demonstrated the cytotoxicity activity toward cancer cells is primarily based on inhibition of metabolic pathways that are preferentially activated in tumor cells thus explaining its specificity for cancer cells, according to the study of ‘Bezielle (BZL101)-induced oxidative stress damage followed by redistribution of metabolic fluxes in breast cancer cells: A combined proteomic and metabolomic study” by Klawitter J, Klawitter J, Gurshtein J, Corby K, Fong S, Tagliaferri M, Quattrochi L, Cohen I, Shtivelman E, Christians U.(3).

4. Prostate Cancer: Bedside proven as a effective herb in treating breast cancer, BZL101, the aqueous extract of Scutellaria barbata has also arrests early stage androgen sensitive LNCaP cells in the G₂/M phase with corresponding decreases in Cyclin B1, CDK1 and androgen receptor expression. In late stage hormone insensitive breast and prostate (PC3) cancer cells,m according to the study of “BZL101, a phytochemical extract from the Scutellaria barbata plant, disrupts proliferation of human breast and prostate cancer cells through distinct mechanisms dependent on the cancer cell phenotype” by Marconett CN, Morgenstern TJ, San Roman AK, Sundar SN, Singhal AK, Firestone GL.(4).

5. Anti-complementary Diseases: The polysaccharide was extracted and purified from Herba Scutellariae Barbatae has demonstrated the ability inhibited complement activation of the classic pathway and may be considered as a candidate in treating those complement-associated diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), according to the study of “Anti-complementary effect of polysaccharide B3-PS1 in Herba Scutellariae Barbatae (Scutellaria barbata)” by Wu Y, Chen DF.(5).

6. Liver caner: Extracts of Scutellaria barbata D.Don (S. barbata) has showed the activities in inhibition the proliferation of H22 cells in a time-dependent manner, according to the study of “Scutellaria barbate extract induces apoptosis of hepatoma H22 cells via the mitochondrial pathway involving caspase-3” by Dai ZJ, Wang XJ, Li ZF, Ji ZZ, Ren HT, Tang W, Liu XX, Kang HF, Guan HT, Song LQ.(6).

(7) Etc.

Side Effects

1. Do not use the herb if you are preganat or breast feeding without consulting with the related field specialist
2. Etc.

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