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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Herbal Chinese Herbs – Bai Xian Pi (Dictamni Radicis Cortex)

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             Bai Xian Pi (Dictamni Radicis Cortex)

Bai Xiang Pei is also known as Fraxinella Root-bark. The bitter and cold herb has been used in TCM as antifungal agent and to treat wet type of eczema, rashes, ringworm, jaundice with dark urine as it clears Heat, expels toxins, disperses Dampness, calms itching, etc. by enhancing the functions of spleen, stomach, bladder channels.


1. dictamnine
2. skimmianine
3. γ-fagarine
4. isomaculosindine
6. dictamnolactone
7. obakunone
8. dasycarpamin
9. obacunonic acid
10. fraxinellone
11. trigonelline
12. choline
13. b-stosterol
14. acidic substances
15. saponins.
16. aurapten
17. bergapten
18. Portion above ground contains:
19. psoralen
20. xanthotoxin
21. evaporating oil
22. Etc.

Health Benefits 
1. Allergic relieve
ethanol extract from Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz (DDT,Bai Xian Pi) has exerted the property in relief of symptoms of allergic atopic dermatitis and other allergy-related diseases, according to the study of “Effects of a Dictamnus dasycarpus T. extract on allergic models in mice” by Jiang S, Nakano Y, Rahman MA, Yatsuzuka R, Kamei C.(1).

2. Immunosuppressive activity
Two chemical compounds, 2-methoxy-4-acetylphenol 1-O-alpha-rhamnopyranosyl-(1″–>6′)-beta-glucopyranoside and and 2-methoxy-4-(8-hydroxyethyl)-phenol 1-O-alpha-rhamnopyranosyl-(1″–>6′)-beta-glucopyranoside isolated from Bai xian pei has exerted the more remarkable activity of inhibiting the proliferation of T-cells in vitro, according to the study of “Cytotoxic terpenoid and immunosuppressive phenolic glycosides from the root bark of Dictamnus dasycarpus” by Chang J, Xuan LJ, Xu YM, Zhang JS.(2).

3. Vasorelaxing effect
Extracts from Bai Xian Pi fraxinellone is a selective blocker of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel, while dictamine relaxed the rat aorta by suppressing the Ca2+ influx through both voltage-dependent and receptor-operated Ca2+ channels, according to the study of “Vasorelaxing effect in rat thoracic aorta caused by fraxinellone and dictamine isolated from the Chinese herb Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz: comparison with cromakalim and Ca2+ channel blockers” by Yu SM, Ko FN, Su MJ, Wu TS, Wang ML, Huang TF, Teng CM.(3).

4. Effect on smooth muscle
Bai Xian Pi (Dictamni Radicis Cortex) has shown the activity in stimulatingthe smooth muscles of the uterus of rabbits and guinea pigs, according to the study of “Bai xian pi” by Joe Hing kwok Chu(4).

5. Anti-fertility
Methanol extract of root bark of Bai xian Pi as the result of hexane fraction of the extract exhibited positive anti-fertility activity, according to the study of “Antifertility principle of Dictamnus albus root bark” by Woo WS, Lee EB, Kang SS, Shin KH, Chi HJ.(5).

6. Monoamine oxidase
Methanol extract from the aerial parts of Bai Xian Pi was active in inhibiting monoamine oxidase (MAO) from the mouse brain, according to the study of “Monoamine oxidase inhibitory coumarins from the aerial parts of Dictamnus albus” by Jeong SH, Han XH, Hong SS, Hwang JS, Hwang JH, Lee D, Lee MK, Ro JS, Hwang BY.(6).

Side effects
1. Do not use the herb, if you are pregnant or breast feeding without approval of your related field specialist
2. It may cause phototoxic contact dermatitis, according to the study of “[Dermatitis bullosa striata pratensis caused by Dictamnus albus L. (burning bush)][Article in German] by Schempp CM, Sonntag M, Schöpf E, Simon JC.(a)
3. Bai Xian Pi may also cause poison ivy dermatitis, according to the study of “Gas plant (Dictamnus albus) phytophotodermatitis simulating poison ivy” by Henderson JA, DesGroseilliers JP.(b)
4. Etc.

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