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General Health: Appendicitis: The Appendicitis Preventions - The Diet

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Appendicitis is defined as a condition of inflammation of Appendix. It is classified as an emergency, in many required the removal of the appendix. If burst, or perforate, spilling infectious materials into the abdominal cavity can be life threatening.

                        The Preventive Diets

1. A vegetarian diet
Compared with non-vegetarians, Western vegetarians have a lower mean BMI (by about 1 kg/m2), a lower mean plasma total cholesterol concentration (by about 0.5 mmol/l), and a lower mortality from IHD (by about 25%). They may also have a lower risk for some other diseases such as constipation, diverticular disease, gallstones and appendicitis, according to the study by the University of Oxford(31).

2. Dietary fiber
In the study of means of food diaries the average daily fiber consumption in 31 patients with acute appendicitis and in 30 control patients, matched for age and sex with the average daily dietary fiber intake was 17.4 g in the group withappendicitis and 21.0 g in the control group, showed that the difference is statistically significant. Adjustment for the total energy intake in each instance did not change this conclusion. The results support the hypothesis that diet, in particular a lack of fiber, may be an important factor in the pathogenesis of acuteappendicitis(32).

3. Less non-potato vegetables and fruit

In the study of comparison of food consumption between the four countries, and between the health board areas of Eire and regions of Scotland, shows thatappendicitis rates are highest in communities that consume more potatoes, sugar, and cereals, and less non-potato vegetables and fruit(33).

4. Green vegetables and tomatoes
In the study to assess the rates of acute appendicitis in 59 areas of England and Wales with consumption of different foods per caput, measured from household food purchases, showed that there was a statistically significant positive correlation with potato consumption and a negative correlation with non-potato vegetables. This negative correlation depended mainly on green vegetables and tomatoes. There was no consistently significant correlation with any other main food group. In particular the correlations with cereal foods, cereal fibre, and total dietary fibre were small and not significant. Green vegetables and tomatoes may protect against appendicitis, possibly through an effect on the bacterial flora of the appendix(34).

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