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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs - Gu Ya (Fructus Oryzae Sativae Germinatus)

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Gu Ya (Fructus Oryzae Sativae Germinatus)

Gou Ya is also known as Rice Paddy Sprout. The sweet and neuytral herb has been used in TCM to promote the function of digestive system, such as soothing the stomach and promote digestive juices, topping diarrhea, etc., as it promotes digestion, harmonizes the Middle Burner; strengthens the Spleen, etc., by enhancing the functions of spleen and stomach channels.

1. Protein
2. Starch
3. Amylase
4. Maltose
5. Adenine
6. Choline
7. Vitamin B
8. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Anti aging
In the evaluation of the anti-aging effects of the gel and cream containing niosomes entrapped with the Rice [Oryza sativa L. (Gramineae)] bran bioactive compounds, found that Gel and cream containing the semi-purified rice bran extracts entrapped in niosomes gave no sign of erythema and edema detected within 72 h on the shaved rabbit skin by the closed patch test investigated by mexameter and visual observation, respectively. These formulations also demonstrated higher hydration enhancement and improvement of skin lightening, thickness, roughness, and elasticity on the skin of 30 human volunteers within the 28-day treatment not more than 9, 27, 7, 3, and 3 times, respectively, according to “Anti-aging efficacy of topical formulations containing niosomes entrapped with rice bran bioactive compounds” by Manosroi A, Chutoprapat R, Abe M, Manosroi W, Manosroi J.(1).

2. Antioxidants activity
In the determination of the antioxidant activities [by in vitro ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) and ex vivo lipid peroxidation inhibition assay] and in vivo human skin hydration effects of gel and cream containing the rice bran extracts entrapped in niosomes, found that Gel and cream containing the rice bran extracts entrapped in niosomes showed higher antioxidant activity (ORAC value) at 20-28 micromol of Trolox equivalents (TE) per gram of the sample than the placebo gel and cream which gave 16-18 micromolTE/g. Human sebum treated with these formulations showed more lipid peroxidation inhibition activity than with no treatment of about 1.5 times. The three different independent techniques including corneometer, vapometer and confocal Raman microspectroscopy (CRM) indicated the same trend in human skin hydration enhancement of the gel or cream formulations containing the rice bran extracts entrapped in niosomes of about 20, 3 and 30%, according to “Antioxidant activities and skin hydration effects of rice bran bioactive compounds entrapped in niosomes” by Manosroi A, Chutoprapat R, Sato Y, Miyamoto K, Hsueh K, Abe M, Manosroi W, Manosroi J.(2).

3. Etc.

Side Effects
1. Gu Ya can cause allergic effect, such as rhinitis, asthma and atopic dermatitis (a)
2. Do not use the herb if you are pregnant without consulting first with the related field specialist.
3. Etc.

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