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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Herbal Chinese Herbs – Bai Mao Gen (Rhizonma Imperatae Cylindricae)

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            Bai Mao Gen

Bai Mao Gen is also known as Lalang Grass Rhizome, the herb has been used in TCM to stops bleeding, promotes urination and as anti bacteria and anti virus agent as it cools Blood, stops bleeding, clears Heat and as diuretic by enhancing the functions of lung, stomach, small intestine and bladder channels.

1. Glucose
2. Starch
3. Potassium salt
4. Oxalic acid
5. Vitamins
6. Anemonin
7. Etc.

Health Benefits 
1. Neuroprotective activity
5-hydroxy-2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone (1), together with 5-hydroxy-2-[2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)ethyl]chromone (2) has shown significant neuroprotective activity against glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in primary cultures of rat cortical cells, according to the study of “Neuroprotective 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromones of Imperata cylindrica” by Yoon JS, Lee MK, Sung SH, Kim YC.(1).

2. Allergen extracts
Extracts od I. cylindrica (Ic) inflorescence were freeze-dried, pollens sieved out and stored at -70 degrees C (IcA) are allergenically more potent and contain a greater number of major and minor allergens, according to the study of “Standardizing Imperata cylindrica–source material for quality allergen preparations” by Bijli KM, Singh BP, Sridhara S, Gaur SN, Arora N.(2).

3. Platelet aggregation
Imperanene, a novel phenolic compound has been isolated from Imperata cylindrica showed platelet aggregation inhibitory activity, according to the study of’ “Imperanene, a novel phenolic compound with platelet aggregation inhibitory activity from Imperata cylindrica” by Matsunaga K, Shibuya M, Ohizumi Y.(3).

4. Vasodilative activity
Novel lignans, graminones B [2] isolated from Imperata cylindrica showed widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel wall in rabbit aorta, according to the study of “Graminone B, a novel lignan with vasodilative activity from Imperata cylindrica” byMatsunaga K, Shibuya M, Ohizumi Y.(4).

5. Etc.

Side effects
1. Dermatitis
Bai Mao Gen may cause allergic effect inflammation, especially with people who are allergic to grass, according to the study of “Allergic contact dermatitis from grasses” by Koh D, Goh CL, Tan HT, Ng SK, Wong WK.(a).

2. Urolithiasis
Herniaria hirsuta L. (Carryophyllaceae) and Agropyron repens L. (Bai Mao Gen), in herb infusion form, combined with different diets have exerted a clear increase in the citraturia was only detected when such infusion was administered with the high protein diet, according to the study of ‘Effect of Herniaria hirsuta and Agropyron repens on calcium oxalate urolithiasis risk in rats’ by Grases F, Ramis M, Costa-Bauzá A, March JG.(b).

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