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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy - Popular Chinese Herbs – Bi Ma Zi (Semen Ricinui communis)

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 Bi Ma Zi (Semen Ricinui communis)

Bi Ma Zi is also known as castor bean. The acrid, bitter, neutral and toxic herb has been used in TCM to treat abscess, tuberculosis of lymph nodes of the neck, acute and chronic pharyngitis, edema, ascites, constipation, nose bleeding and cough with phlegm and asthma. etc. as it expels dampness, reduces edema, dispels toxicity, carbuncles etc. by enhancing the function of liver, spleen, lung channels.

1. Tinricinolein
2. Ricinoleic acid
3. Linoleic acid
4. Sitosterol
5. Ricinine
6. Ricin D
7. Galactose-binding proteins
8. Phosphatidylethanolamine
9. Phosphatidylcholine
10. Apigenin
11. Chlorogenic acid
12. Etc.

Health benefit
1. Detoxification
In the evacuation of castor bean and its detoxification effects found that castor bean simultaneously induces the production of tannase and phytase by Paecilomyces variotii; both enzymes have high levels of activity and have the potential to be used in feedstuffs because they decrease overall anti-nutritional factors, according to the study of “Detoxification of castor bean residues and the simultaneous production of tannase and phytase by solid-state fermentation using Paecilomyces variotii” by Madeira JV Jr, Macedo JA, Macedo GA.(1).

2. Contraceptive potentials
In the investigation of Ricinui communis and it effects of female infertility in guinea pigs, found that Castor bean processes anti-implantation and abortifacient effects by prolonging the oestrus cycle of guinea pigs, according to the study of “Antifertility activity of Ricinus communis seed in female guinea pigs” by Makonnen E, Zerihun L, Assefa G, Rostom AA.(2).

3. Central nervous system stimulant effects
In the study of The extract of the pericarp of castor bean (Ricinus communis) and it effects in central nervous system found that At lower doses the extract improved memory consolidation and showed some neuroleptic-like properties, such as a decrease in exploratory behavior and catalepsy. The memory-improving effect and the seizure-eliciting properties of the extract were also observed with the administration of ricinine, a neutral alkaloid isolated from the extract, according to the study of “Pharmacological evaluation of ricinine, a central nervous system stimulant isolated from Ricinus communis’ by Ferraz AC, Angelucci ME, Da Costa ML, Batista IR, De Oliveira BH, Da Cunha C.(3).

4. Wound healing
In the evaluation of The biocompatibility of polyurethane resin-implants derived from castor bean (Ricinus communis) and it effects in would healing found that after week 6 of adjacent to the implants, the fibrous capsule was thinner and the tested area was almost totally covered with bone, which in several places was in close contact with the implants, according to the study of “Histologic and histometric evaluation of rat alveolar wound healing around polyurethane resin implants” by Carvalho TL, Araújo CA, Teófilo JM, Brentegani LG.(4).

5. Etc.

Side effects
1. Contraindicated during pregnancy and in cases of loose stool.
2. Overdoses may be cause severe poisoning in an adult, according to the study of “Ricinus communis Intoxications in Human and Veterinary Medicine-A Summary of Real Cases” by Worbs S, Köhler K, Pauly D, Avondet MA, Schaer M, Dorner MB, Dorner BG.(a)
3. Castor bean can induced allergic effects in certain people, according to the study of “Allergy to castor bean. II. Identification of the major allergens in castor bean seeds” by Thorpe SC, Kemeny DM, Panzani RC, McGurl B, Lord M.(b)
4. Etc.

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